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Sympathy Flowers

The passing of a loved one can be a trying time. If you’re finding it difficult to express your condolences, sending sympathy flowers is the perfect gesture when verbal condolences don't seem enough. Click on category below. Read More » Not only will this help you convey your emotions, but it’ll also let the friends and family of the dearly departed know how much you care. From premium funeral sprays to cheaper funeral bouquets, our shops always deliver high quality bouquets. To make the process even simpler, consider getting sympathy flowers for delivery. As a result, you can rest assured that the flowers will arrive safely and on time without any added hassle on your end. « Read Less

Know Your Options

From funeral sprays and cross wreaths to sympathy baskets and funeral plants, sympathy flowers arrangements are seemingly endless. You also have casket sprays, funeral wreaths, and heart wreaths to consider. If you’re attending a faith-based service, a cross wreath like divine light, deepest faith, and the serenity flower cross will prove ideal. For a more subtle statement, a sympathy basket or funeral plant will do. More traditional sympathy flowers can be found in our funeral blooms selection. A touch of wonder, whispering love, and ocean devotion are some stunning bouquets that your recipient will love. If the deceased is arriving in a casket, adding a spray to the top of their funerary box will make the burial all the more special. Some popular options include the forever beloved casket spray, the silken serenity casket spray, and the shining light casket spray. Wreaths that are shaped like a heart are also beautiful contenders. These arrangements are sweet and bright, and they offer a warm sentiment to boot. No matter the sympathy flowers that you choose, our options promise quality, beauty, and expert curation.

The Meaning Of Sympathy Flowers Arrangements

When it comes to picking out sympathy flowers arrangements, you want to be sure that you’re choosing the perfect blooms for the occasion. Here are some common sympathy flowers that come in funeral bouquets, accompanied by their meaning.

Lily: Lilies are delicate flowers that exude elegance and serenity. When dissecting their meaning, this lovely bloom embodies promise and encouragement. If the friend or family member that you’re celebrating has passed suddenly or tragically, consider a bouquet that has lilies in it.

Rose: Both bold and beautiful, the rose is unmatched. At a funeral, this flower represents eternal love, sincerity, and gratitude. They can also be used as a symbol of friendship. With their diverse symbolism, roses make for excellent sympathy blooms.

Chrysanthemum: Often found in sympathy baskets, chrysanthemums are an expression of passion and support. They’re used to lift spirits and provide happy thoughts to those in mourning. To breathe more life into this beautiful meaning, select a bright-colored chrysanthemum.

Gladiolus: With their unique beauty and representation of strength and character, gladiolus flowers enhance any funeral setting. Many use gladiolus to demonstrate their compassion and sympathy while also providing hope during times of need.

Carnations: Carnations are best known for being a symbol of love. These gorgeous flowers seek to reflect the spirit of Christ while giving permission to grieve. The carnation is also the flower of Mother’s Day, which makes it a great sympathy bloom for a mom who has lost their child.

Sympathy Flowers For Delivery

If you need help sending your arrangement, consider using a flower delivery company like us. With our expertise and diligence, we guarantee that your display will make it to your desired destination quickly and in perfect condition. If you can’t make it to the service, this is an especially handy alternative. When you opt for sympathy flowers for delivery, you can still offer your condolences without being physically present. If you will be in attendance but don’t want the added stress of having to pick out and transport a bouquet, we’ve got you covered as well. In other words, our solutions are convenient for all.

Make The Moment Matter

To ensure that you make the appropriate selection, enlist our help. In addition to helping you choose a display, we’ll also handle the delivery of your arrangement. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is challenging, and we want to be sure that your energy is going towards remembering and celebrating their life. Help us help you when you make us your partner in flower curation and delivery.