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Sending Sympathy Flowers in 2020

sending sympathy flowers

Losing a beloved family member or friend is devastating. No matter what the circumstances, a death in the family will cause heartache and grief. If you or someone close to you is dealing with a death, sympathy flowers are a wonderful way to show that you care. However, you may not realize just how many options are available when sending sympathy flowers to the memorial service.

Many people do not realize that there is a special etiquette to sending sympathy flowers. If you are offering your condolences by sending flowers to a funeral home, you will want to send the right type of flowers. You’ll also want to send them when the time is right. Always order your flowers as soon as possible to avoid any delay, then make delivery arrangements with the funeral home in question.

Sympathy flowers will always be a wonderful way to show that you care and are thinking of someone during their time of need. You’ll find that there are many different flower arrangements to choose from, such as cross wreaths, heart wreaths, funeral sprays, and more. Read on to learn more about sending sympathy and funeral flowers.

Why Do We Send Flowers?

Flower arrangements are used to symbolize a number of feelings and beliefs. For example, you may send flowers to a loved one to remind them that you love and care for them. Flowers are often sent to hospital rooms to help cheer up a sick friend or family member. Some friends and lovers often give flowers to one another “just because”.

Flowers are the number one gift given to the family of a deceased loved one. During this time, the family members of the deceased are likely devastated. A beautiful display of funeral flowers will show them that you are thinking about them during this terrible time. Sympathy flowers show the recipient that their time of need has been acknowledged.

Before you choose the arrangement you would like to send, it is important to understand that there are different flower arrangements offered. Different flower arrangements mean different things. One important point to remember is the difference between sympathy flowers and funeral flowers. Sympathy flowers are typically sent to someone’s house in order to offer condolences. Funeral flowers are delivered directly to the funeral home. They may be in the form of a casket spray that will be displayed on the casket itself or on an easel to be displayed around the room.

Funeral flowers are often send from those who are not able to attend the service. However, it’s perfectly fine to send flowers even if you plan on attending.

Faith and Flowers

When someone dies, many people wonder whether or not flowers are even appropriate. Many people devote their entire lives to a religion while others don’t care about faith at all. The type of arrangement you choose should depend on what the person’s religious preference was.

For example, not every religion accepts sympathy arrangements. Roman Catholic, Baptist, and Methodist followers do accept flower arrangements, as do those following the Hindu and Buddhism religion. If the family is Eastern or Greek Orthodox, most flower arrangements are accepted. The Mormon faith does accept flowers as well, but do not send a cross arrangement.

Funeral flower arrangements are not appropriate for those following Judaism or who are part of the Muslim faith.

If you are not sure whether sending a flower arrangement is appropriate or not, check with the family before sending one. A suitable substitute, such as a fruit basket or donation, can be sent instead. You can also check the funeral announcement of the deceased. Many family members will include their request at the bottom of the announcement.

The Different Types of Arrangements

Now that we have explained the history of flower arrangements, it is time to understand the variety you will be faced with when you are ready to order. Read on to learn about the many different kinds of funeral flowers available from our website.

Funeral Sprays

Funeral sprays are a wonderful way to show your loved one that you are sorry for their loss during the memorial service. A funeral spray, also called a standing spray, will be delivered with its own easel. The tall easel will show off the arrangement beautifully no matter where in the room it is placed. A funeral spray can be in the shape of a cross, heart, patriotic banner, or our “big and bountiful” selection. They will be delivered to the funeral home specified in the order. We ask that you order a funeral spray at least 24 hours before the service begins to allow ample time for delivery and setup. This allows us to arrange the best spray possible and gives us enough time to speak to the funeral home director concerning delivery.

Casket Sprays

Another type of funeral flower is known as a casket spray. This type of flower arrangement will be draped over the casket during the memorial service. They are a central flower arrangement that will create a wonderful tribute to the deceased. Whether or not you actually attend the memorial, a casket spray is a wonderful way to express your condolences to the family. They are designed in both multiple and solid colors. We design casket sprays that can adorn the inside and outside of the casket. Show your love with a beautiful spray that has been carefully crafted by our florists.

Cross Wreaths

Cross wreaths are often purchased when the deceased was part of a religious organization. This type of arrangement are also often sent to families who have strong religious beliefs. This arrangement is made from flowers in the shape of a cross. They can be purchased in a multitude of colors and flowers and will come with their own easel. They are a wonderful flower arrangement for families who have strong ties with faith.

Funeral Wreaths

Funeral wreaths include a number of different shapes and sizes. They come in the shape of hearts, crosses, and circles. The “Richly Remembered” design is in the shape of a square and includes a space to include a picture of the deceased. We also offer patriotic wreaths for members of the armed forces. Funeral wreaths come with an easel for easy display. You can personally design your wreath to include extra flowers and ribbons if you desire. We do ask for 24-hour notice to design your custom funeral wreath.

Heart Wreaths

Heart wreaths are a popular arrangement for funeral homes. They are arranged to order and will be hand delivered directly to the funeral home as requested. Our shop specializes in beautifully designed heart shaped wreaths that are hand delivered on their own easel. Choose from a number of designs, such as a patriotic heart wreath or a wreath for a child. You’ll also have the choice between solid colors and multiple colors.

Choosing Your Funeral and Sympathy Flower Arrangement If a family member or friend has passed away, sending funeral or sympathy flowers are a wonderful gesture on your part. Flowers create an air of well-being and positivity, a wonderful tribute to the deceased. They show your friends and family members that you care and are thinking about them. Just remember that it is important to offer condolences the ‘right way’ when it comes to funeral and sympathy flowers. We recommend knowing what religion the person was before sending an arrangement. If you are not sure, speak to a family member or talk to the funeral director in charge of the memorial. They may be able to help with the decision. When you do decide that it is proper to send an arrangement, consider choosing from the best sellers provided here. Your choice will not go unnoticed by the family of the deceased.