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Sending Flowers – The Ultimate Guide

Flowers have been used as a way to communicate as far back as the middle ages. The Greeks and other civilizations wrote about flowers in their myths and legends because of their meanings and importance. 

Today, the tradition continues and we send flowers to people as a way to express emotions and gratitude. The best thing about this is that everyone loves flowers, no matter what the occasion is.

You can send flowers for funeral purposes, send flowers to hospital patients, or send flowers for birthday celebrations. We at Flowers Near know how important it is to make the people in your life feel special, which is why we’re here to help.

We specialize in creating a state-of-the-art shopping experience for purchasing flower options and flower delivery. We even make it possible for you to send flowers same day, last minute!.

Read all about what you need to know about flowers before you send flowers today to a loved one. 

Send Flowers for Love

Sending flowers to someone you love is a tried and true act of thoughtfulness that everyone appreciates. Whether it’s romantic love, love for a friend, or love for your family and neighbors, there’s a bouquet of flowers just perfect for them. 

The color of a flower is symbolic sometimes, which is why we often pick red, pink, and white roses to represent love. It’s another layer to consider when choosing flowers to what kind of message you want to send. 

Roses are a romantic staple when it comes to flowers. When you send roses to someone, there is no mistaking the message you are trying to send. The recipient will know that carry love and passion for them. 

If you want to send flowers to friends and family that you love, there are other options that fit those relationships too. If you want to stick to roses, yellow roses are symbolic of friendship and just as beautiful. 

Colorful arrangements with flowers like daisies, lilacs, and carnations are also sweet and lighthearted options that say “I love our friendship!”

Family members will love graceful flowers like pink alstroemeria or lavender button mums that will brighten up their day. 

For friends, you can keep it as loud or colorful as you want to help showcase how much fun your friendship is or how much it means to you. For family members, hues like soft white, pastel pink, and light lavenders look good in any home. 

Send Flowers for Celebrations

Celebrations and congratulations are some of the most fun times to send flowers. There is no such thing as “too much” when it comes to celebratory, professional flowers. 

Birthdays are a great reason to send a bouquet to someone! There’s nothing like waking up to fresh, beautifully arranged flowers on your special day. Your loved ones will always appreciate a gesture like this. 

Try and pick a bouquet that features the birthday recipient’s favorite colors or their favorite flowers. You can go a step further and also pick out a beautiful or unique vase to go with it. 

Mother’s Day is a perfect day for flowers. Your mom and mother figures will love flowers like tulips, petunias, lavender, and stargazer lilies. Colors like buttery yellow, pastel blue, peach, and white are all appropriate for this day of saying thank you to our moms. 

Celebrations like graduations, job promotions, or moving parties are all perfect occasions for flowers also. For these occasions, you can really let your imagination blossom and come up with fun arrangements and ideas. 

For fun arrangements like this, consider bright colors, like hot pink roses, green poms, or bronze mums to include in your arrangement. You can also decorate the vase in a special way or tie a balloon around it to make it extra special. 

With quick and guaranteed flower delivery options, like what we offer at Flowers Near, your flowers are sure to make it on the right day, just in time for the celebration. 

Send Flowers for Mourning

In times of mourning, flowers can be the difference that brightens up an otherwise dark room. Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to say to loved ones when they are mourning a loss, but flowers can send the right message. 

Flowers are the perfect way to gracefully say “sorry for your loss” at funerals or other gatherings for the recently deceased.

When choosing to send flowers for funeral arrangements, stick to mostly neutral colors like white, cream, and soft blue. Pops of color are appropriate in modest amounts.

For instance, an arrangement of cream roses and white lilies will look beautiful and graceful with accents of blue hydrangea or pink carnation. This will look put-together and thoughtful without overpowering the room.

Other unfortunate times you might send flowers include things like a divorce announcement, the loss of a job, or someone being injured or sick in the hospital. 

In cases like this, think of sending bright, optimistic flowers that remind people that hope is near and you are thinking of them.

Choices like sunflowers, white chrysanthemums, tulips, and pink snapdragons are all appropriate. You can attach a card with a personal message to it that expresses your thoughts and well wishes as well.  

You never know when a loss will happen, so you can’t always prepare. Having the option of picking flowers for same-day delivery is perfect for times like these. 

Send Flowers Today 

Now that you know how to pick the perfect flowers, isn’t it time you showed your appreciation for your loved ones with a beautiful bouquet? 

Your next thoughtful flower arrangement is just a few clicks away when you shop with Flowers Near anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Send flowers for special occasions or “just because.” 

Look through our inventory of floral arrangements and send someone special some flowers today!