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Flowers for Grief: 9 of the Best Sympathy Flowers and Their Meaning

Flowers add beauty and warmth to a funeral service. It’s a visual way to express sympathy and love when someone dies. Have you ever wondered if you should send flowers to a funeral? Many people hesitate because they’re unsure of what type of arrangement to send. How do you decide on a bouquet when there are so many popular flowers for grief? Discover the best sympathy flowers here. Read More »Flowers for Grief: 9 of the Best Sympathy Flowers and Their Meaning

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Sending Sympathy Flowers in 2020

Losing a beloved family member or friend is devastating. No matter what the circumstances, a death in the family will cause heartache and grief. If you or someone close to you is dealing with a death, sympathy flowers are a wonderful way to show that you care. However, you may not realize just how many options are available when sending sympathy flowers to the memorial service.

Many people do not realize that there is a special etiquette to sending sympathy flowers. If you are offering your condolences by sending flowers to a funeral home, you will want to send the right type of flowers. You’ll also want to send them when the time is right. Always order your flowers as soon as possible to avoid any delay, then make delivery arrangements with the funeral home in question.

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The Ultimate Guide To Sending Funeral Flowers

Flowers were originally used as funeral air fresheners. Before the embalming process was developed, human bodies would have a foul odor at the time of burial. Flower arrangements were a beautiful way to sweeten the breeze while loved ones paid their respects.

We no longer need funeral air fresheners, but flower arrangements are still an essential element of most funerals. They add visual beauty and calming aromas to the funeral or viewing, and they allow guests to show respect and love during a time of intense grief. Close family members and friends often take comfort in flowers received because it shows that they aren’t mourning alone.

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standing sprays

Standing Sprays & Wreaths For Funerals

Standing sprays play a very symbolic and respectful role in a funeral service. When a family loses a loved one they have the responsibility of dealing with service details. They are also tasked with doing so at a time in which they are grieving. This is often difficult, as you must coordinate a very important event while being in a state of mind that is grieving.

Arranging a funeral requires a lot of logistics. Meeting with the funeral director, establishing dates and times, making decisions pertaining to scenery, selecting a casket and communicating with a lot of family and friends…to name a few.

However, more than anything is the importance of the event going smoothly, and succeeding in the proper ‘paying of respects’ toward the one that has passed away.

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Sending Sympathy Flowers Etiquette

The loss of a family member or friend is a very tough time. If you or someone close to you suffered the loss of a loved one, sending sympathy flowers is one of the best ways to show your condolences. But, selecting and sending a sympathy flower arrangement is more difficult than you think.

Sending sympathy flowers requires specific etiquette. You need to send the right flowers and send them at the right time. This is even more complex when you’re sending flowers to a funeral home.

Sympathy flowers are a beautiful gift and a reminder of someone’s life. But you need to send sympathy flowers the right way. Here’s common etiquette when sending sympathy flower arrangements.

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