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Roses Delivery: 6 Tips for Sending Roses to Someone You Love

Each year an average of 250 million rose stems are produced for Valentine’s Day alone. This doesn’t even take into account the number of roses sold throughout the year for other occasions and holidays such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Roses are one of the most popular flowers for gift giving. They are timeless and elegant symbols that make the recipient feel extra special. A roses delivery is the best way to show someone you love near or far that you are thinking about them.

Want to know more about sending a roses delivery? Then keep reading this guide for more information.

1. Roses Aren’t Just For Valentine’s Day

Although roses are considered to be a top favorite choice for Valentine’s Day, they are not exclusively Valentine’s Day flowers. The rose is a beautiful and meaningful flower that is versatile enough to give on its own or with other flowers in a mixed bouquet. 

Roses look amazing in every bouquet and they are available year-round. The beauty of roses lies in their abundant color abilities, both natural and created versions.

Natural roses are those that grow a specific color on their own or are the result of a rose hybrid. This involves the combination of two types of roses to create a new rose breed.

Created roses, such as the rainbow rose, have multicolored petals due to a dyeing process. They are a bright and cheerful rose option that has gained popularity in recent years due to their vibrant and colorful petals. They are a modern twist on a familiar favorite. 

2. Each Rose Color Has Its Own Meaning

While red roses are popular for Valentine’s Day, it is because the color of red roses has long been attributed as a sign of love, adoration, and passion. Each rose color has its own meaning or representation. 

Though there may still be many other colors of natural or created rose, here are some of the most common colors and what they represent:

  • Pink-Pale or light pink represents joy, grace, happiness, gentleness, femininity, sweetness, refinement
  • Orange- desire, enthusiasm, and energy, represents pride
  • Purple/Violet- can represent secret love, enchantment, wonder, and splendor. Grace, beauty, and respect for funeral flowers
  • White-eternal love, everlasting love, and young love for weddings. Also represents eternal loyalty and reverence for funerals
  • Peach- modesty, sincerity, and gratitude, also express thankfulness
  • Yellow- warmth, cheer, and friendship
  • Coral- desire, excitement, discovery
  • Dark Pink-strength, conviction, femininity, appreciation, gratitude

You may wish to send a specific rose color to an individual based on its meaning. However, if your recipient has a favorite color, it is acceptable to send them a roses delivery solely based on that color as well. There is no rule against breaking rose color guidelines.

3. Sending Funeral and Sympathy Flowers

Roses are a simple and refined way to pay respects to a deceased loved one. A white roses delivery shows honor, peace, and reverence to the deceased and their family. Purple or violet roses are also appropriate for a sympathy roses delivery since they represent respect.

If you are sending funeral flowers, you will want to make sure that you order them at least 24 hours before the funeral date and time so they will be delivered in time for the ceremony. Or you can choose to send them to the family’s home to enjoy after the service as sympathy flowers.

4. Roses Delivery for Mother’s Day

Of course, roses are also beautiful for Mother’s Day to all of the motherlike figures in your life. As well as to your mother and mother-in-law. Your sisters, friends, aunts, grandmothers, and cousins will love them too. 

mixed bouquet with pink roses is an elegant, feminine, and sophisticated arrangement they’ll be proud to display. The best part is, whether you are across the country or across the street, you can bet your Mother’s Day flower recipient will tell you all about them when she receives them.    

5. Roses Delivery for a Birthday

When it comes to birthdays, a flowers and roses delivery can speak a thousand words to someone you care about. You may choose to do something contemporary or more traditional based on your relationship with the recipient.

You can also tailor your bouquet based on the time of year. For example, pastel flowers in the Spring, bright colors for Summer, and darker, bolder colors for Fall and Winter, like red roses for birthdays near Christmas.

Roses on their own are also adaptable for a standalone bouquet. If you want something that focuses exclusively on roses for the focal flowers, then a simple straightforward rose arrangement is just what you need. 

Perfect for a birthday, a rose delivery with an assortment of different rose colors is a bright and energetic take on the standard red roses delivery bouquet. With pink, yellow, orange, and red roses, these beauties take center stage and are certain to elicit “Oohs” and “Aahs” from those who see them.

6. Order Your Roses Delivery Online

Send your roses with same-day delivery to ensure your recipient gets them as fresh as possible. Be wary of companies that ship roses in mailing boxes as they may wilt in the heat and will not arrive in the best condition. Many florists offer hand delivery straight to the recipient’s home or office address for the best quality product.

Always make sure your recipient will be home before sending a rose delivery or other floral arrangement. Verify that no special security code or other restriction is needed to access the property ahead of time.

Inform your recipient ahead of time that something will be arriving so they will know to be on the lookout for your rose delivery.

Roses Same Day Delivery From FlowersNear

When you send a roses delivery, you are sending a gift with extra love and care to those you hold dear. Flowers often speak when words fail. 

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