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October 2019

The Ultimate Guide To Sending Funeral Flowers

Flowers were originally used as funeral air fresheners. Before the embalming process was developed, human bodies would have a foul odor at the time of burial. Flower arrangements were a beautiful way to sweeten the breeze while loved ones paid their respects.

We no longer need funeral air fresheners, but flower arrangements are still an essential element of most funerals. They add visual beauty and calming aromas to the funeral or viewing, and they allow guests to show respect and love during a time of intense grief. Close family members and friends often take comfort in flowers received because it shows that they aren’t mourning alone. Read More »The Ultimate Guide To Sending Funeral Flowers

Thanksgiving Flowers & Centerpieces

Thanksgiving is a time to gather and reflect upon what makes us truly grateful in our lives. The presentation of traditional, delectable food displayed to share with those we cherish, is certainly the highlight of this special occasion. Thanksgiving flower arrangements are an excellent addition to the table. They convey sentiment of love, tranquility and that everything is ready for our honored guests to enjoy.

Autumn Table Arrangements
Flowers bursting with fall colors can be found in many bouquet styles. From modern centerpieces to classic Thanksgiving flowers overflowing a cornucopia of loveliness, holiday flower arrangements bring smiles and joy to all. Read More »Thanksgiving Flowers & Centerpieces