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July 2019

standing sprays

Standing Sprays & Wreaths For Funerals

Standing sprays play a very symbolic and respectful role in a funeral service. When a family loses a loved one they have the responsibility of dealing with service details. They are also tasked with doing so at a time in which they are grieving. This is often difficult, as you must coordinate a very important event while being in a state of mind that is grieving.

Arranging a funeral requires a lot of logistics. Meeting with the funeral director, establishing dates and times, making decisions pertaining to scenery, selecting a casket and communicating with a lot of family and friends…to name a few.

However, more than anything is the importance of the event going smoothly, and succeeding in the proper ‘paying of respects’ toward the one that has passed away. Read More »Standing Sprays & Wreaths For Funerals